Refit & Maintenance


It was great to hear from William after almost a year that he's set up his company. Challenged him for a couple of quotes and wow. I was not disappointed. He was around 8000€ cheaper than his nearest rival. Always very quick to come back with prices and check they are good enough. Even provides responses to emails out of office hours including weekends. Something other suppliers do not do"

Chief AVIT 120m+ Lürssen

William has been a great help, he is always the quickest to get back to me with a quote. In terms of pricing, William will go the extra mile to ensure his quote is the most competitive. Always a pleasure to do business with Kingdom.

Chief Engineer 100m+ Lürssen

Phase: Maintenance Period

Kingdom Group understands that the maintenance period is fundamental to the successful operation of our clients. Whether you're a Yacht that undergoes heavy charters or stays locally in the Mediterranean, we believe the maintenance period is a time of recalibration across all departments and if done well, can save the owner considerable amounts operationally. 

If you've worked with us for the Build, we will have our records up to date of the spares, equipment, products, and systems that are installed and in use, however, if you're new to Kingdom; we'd love to use this time to work with each of the individual Heads of Departments to understand the expectations and requirements, the products that are in use and the systems that have been installed at the build, and most importantly start to build out our tailored procurement platform. The more data we have from you, the better the overall customer experience will be, leading to improved pricing, increased savings, and streamlined procurement. 


We will allocate you a single point of contact that will stay with you throughout the lifecycle of the Yacht. Consistency is key to the service that we provide, so whether you're Chief Engineer or an Interior Manager you'll get the same level of service and can expect prompt response times, the most competitive pricing on your requests, and efficient fulfillment on orders.