Project Water

We are beyond excited to announce that we have teamed up with Croatian Chef and Forbes Under 30 Mario Mandaric to help deliver on his promise to bring Water to Ugandan Villages through the Water Well Project. 

Kingdom Group has a primary function to procure goods for the Luxury Yachts around the world, and we believe this presents the greatest opportunity to bring lasting change to communities around the world and create a legacy not only for clients we serve but the industry as a whole. 

On Saturday 15th January 2022 the work commenced on the first well donated by Kingdom Group. This is the 13th Well so far that has been built since Mario Mandaric started the project.

Mario has the mission and objective to build 100 water wells in 2022 and we are fully behind him and bringing water to the Ugandan Villages. 

At Kingdom; something we don’t bring much attention to, is the profits we generate from the orders we receive are directly given to projects within developing nations that will bring lasting change and hope to communities around the world. 

For the last two years since being founded in 2020, we have heavily invested in the foundations of the company to ensure that we can provide our clients with the most competitive prices in the industry, and therefore win more business which as a result will bring lasting change. We believe that the better prices we can offer, means the more business we will win unto seeing a greater impact in the projects that we support.

We are incredibly grateful to Croatian Service Stewardess Franka Veža not only for helping pioneer this project with her generosity and the awareness that she has raised but also for the introduction to Mario, for a project that brings such a tangible impact to the communities in Uganda. 

What are the next steps…

- For us, this is more than just a "one-off" donation, but it marks a new era where we continue to look for ways to unite the industry and see the legacy that can be created moving forward.

- The profits that we get from orders will be channelled into the Water Well project until we reach 100 Wells that have been built. We have already invested in two wells in the last week, and we hope that we can invest more in the coming days and weeks.

- Once we have seen 100 Wells built, this is not the end but only the start - we will look at other opportunities and projects that we can support, whether that's building schools, infrastructure or whether more wells need to be built in order to really improve the quality of life within Uganda. 

How can you help…

 - We are NOT asking for Donations or your Money, but we are asking for the Opportunity to Quote. If you have a spares list that you're working on, please send it across to "". We believe not only will we help you save your boss large amounts moving forward, but the potential for us to invest the profits we make from your orders is huge.

To be transparent, you can find our pricing structure here, each Well costs €1,800.. as we operate on a 7-12% Margin Structure It means that every €10,000 - €15,000 worth of orders that we receive will equate to ONE well being built.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find our more about the project and how you can support it moving forward.