Revised Pricing Strategy for 2022

 As we have started 2022 strong, we are really looking to see the industry as a whole benefit from the supply agreements that we have been able to establish since launching at the start of the pandemic back in 2020. 

At Kingdom, our heart is to pass on the savings to our clients and really see our clients' budgets go further. In a time when prices are on the rise, we wanted to create a new narrative that will see our clients make considerable savings on operational costs moving forward.

Currently, we have over 400 Distribution Agreements with various manufacturers and brands enabling us to provide our clients with the best pricing and service when it comes to the speed of delivery, and response times on your requests.

Goals & Objectives:

We believe that every opportunity to quote carries a seed of potential for impact around the world. The more we help our clients save, the more orders we get, which means the more we have to give away to the projects in the developing nations. 

Pricing Structure:

Discount (%)

Margin (%)

Owners Supply 

Cost Price (0%)

Main Engines & Generators


Technical Spares



Logistics Costs:
Since our partnership with Bleckmann Logistics at the start of 2021, not only do we have strategically located distribution centres in Northern Europe and the United Kingdom, but we have access to some of the best shipping rates in Europe when it comes to couriers such as DHL, UPS and DPD. 

Please get in touch today with any requests that you may have, to see how you can save and benefit from Kingdom Group in 2022.